At Zoz Amba Foundation, we are dedicated to supporting individuals
through our various initiatives of partnership coupled with education

Flour Mills

Women and girls in rural Ethiopia still use primitive stone grinders to grind their grains. The process is labor intensive and exhausting. Grits from stone grinders damage teeth, and cause premature loss of teeth. The Zoz Amba Foundation purchases and installs modern flour mills in rural communities. Please watch the video below for an update on this project.    

Feminine Pads

Rural Ethiopian women and girls have no access to modern amenities, like feminine pads. The Zoz Amba Foundation raises funds to provide training on the importance of basic health and Hygiene. The foundation also teaches women and girls to make their own low cost and durable feminine pads out of locally available material. Please watch the video on the right.     

Sewing Machines

Zoz Amba Foundation provides sowing machines to aspiring youth, and trains them on how to use them. The goal is for these young women to serve their rural communities by making pads, using sewing machines. 
Please watch the video on the right.

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