At Zoz Amba Foundation we believe that our efforts can make a huge difference. Join us in order to make an impact and bring
      about transformation in our world. Our goal is to be a catalyst for more dreams to be realized and more lives to be improved.


Partner with community leaders, faith groups, local government agencies, and NGOs to support sustainable community development in rural Ethiopia, with special emphasis on issues impacting women and girls.


Empower women and girls in rural Ethiopia by eradicating female circumcision, early marriage, and illiteracy, and providing access to clean water, flour mills, and training on basic health and hygiene.

Board Members

Adugnaw Worku, CEO                         Brittany Cheney                  Dennis Simpson
Patrick Benner, treasurer                    Gilbert Muth                        Frew Tibebu
Loretta Anderson                                  Vicki Saunders                    Katy Van Arsdale

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