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Transforming Power of Education Tribute to Mothers

Kal Kidan Version Two Nostalgia

True Friendship From Father to Son

A Tribute to a Wonderful Father Life in America

My Regrets The Best Homecoming Ever, part 1

The Best Homecoming Ever, part 2 The Best Homecoming Ever, part 3

Health Matters, part 1 Health Matters, part 2

Don't Be Late How Old Are You?

Excellent Advice Diaspora Marraige

Bay Area for Ebenat I am Homesick

Washint [flute] Parenting in a Foreign Land

We May be Down But Not Out Ethiopia Famine Poetry

Please Be On Time Let's Talk

Tribute to Mothers, version 2 United We Stand

Ethiopian New Year A New Year Wish

Ethiopian Patriotic Song Woe to My Generation!

Please Listen! Where Do I Belong?

Whose Fault is it? I Am So Jealous

First Things First Humility

Changing Lives, part 1 (click here for short version) Changing Lives, part 2

Changing Lives, part 3 Lalibelaw

Anniversary Hopeful Signs

Have Mercy Where is the Justice

Best Wishes Why?

Deliver Us From Evil

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